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About me
About me

Proud dad with a passion for attention management, habit creation, media, communication, technology and entertainment. Expertise in building new products and brands, kickstarting products and businesses in new markets and developing strategies based on research and data.

  • Name: Johannes Knierzinger
  • Mail: johannes@knrz.com
  • Twitter: @knrz_com
Upcoming Talks
May 2020
POSTPONED - re:publica / Media Convention Berlin: Attention please! - Every business now is an attention business.

Attention is important for the very simple reason that it’s a prerequisite for impact. If it is true for this talk, it is true for a lot of things and services. Things and services that are designed to have an effect. An effect that can be monetized and is a powerful way to increase engagement and make user more reactive to further emotionally charged content. Especially the media industry. But how can we waste something so easily, that’s so hard to get?

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